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Alejandro has messy caramel brown hair with he tips of his hair are like a lighter shade of caramel brown and light almost glowing lavender eyes. He wears an all black outfit.


Alejandro is very arrogant and playful. He loves to play around and mess with Lacie calling her names that reflect her eyes which doesn't seem to bother her. Hes very cruel towards Celia and Lacie, hiring people to try to kill them. 

Alejandro is also very possessive, quite a pervert and gets a kick out of seeing his sister especially Lacie and Celia suffer. He hates being told what to do and is impatient so when he wants something, he’ll spare no time to get it. He also holds a strong hatred to his family.


  • "I will destroy everything you ever loved!" - Alejandro said to Lacie
  • "I dont care if you are my sisters, I wish you two were dead." - To Lacie and Celia. 
  • "Lacie I hate the way you find the best in people" - To Lacie.