As Simple As A Piece Of Cake

by Scarly

Lunch began, with something as simple as cake. Hiiro had gotten Pierre to bake a chocolate cake, she had hoped that Kyoya would eat some, but again, he refused. She was a little disappointed, but she could totally respect that. Not everyone likes cake, and it was good of Kyoya just to be honest with her, rather than eat it and hate it.

Hiiro was sat in the courtyard, at one of the tables, she had her notebook resting beside her on the bench. No sooner had she opened the box containing the chocolate cake, did Honey come bounding over with Usa-chan.

"Hiiro-chan! Usa-chan wanted some fresh air, so I'm taking him for a walk," Honey said, in his usual cute way. He even giggled, to make himself appear even cuter.

Hiiro doubted this, she was convinced that he had a built in cake radar, that told him that someone had some extra cake.

"Would you and Usa-chan like some cake?" Hiiro asked, politely. She did after all have more cake than she could eat, and it would be such a wast if she threw the rest away.

"I'd love some!" Honey said, as he sat down the bench opposite her. He placed Usa-chan next to him.

There was some plates at the bottom of the box, Pierre was always considerate like that. Hiiro was a young lady after all, and had to show perfect etiquette and manners at all times. She removed one of the plates, then placed Honey's piece of cake on it. Honey gobbled it up in a couple of bites. Hiiro then placed her own slice on a plate, and started eating it. She took more time than Honey, well anyone takes more time than Honey.

"Honey, why do you like cake so much?" Hiiro asked, always wondering this since she met him.

"I dunno, I just do," Honey replied, as he looked into the box, to see if there was anymore cake.

There was, two more slices, Hiiro allowed him to eat them. He took his time with them, but still eating the cake father than the average human being would.

"I'm glad you like the cakes, I never have anyone to eat lunch with, because Kyoya doesn't like cake," Hiiro said, voicing her thoughts.

"You can eat lunch with me, Hiiro-chan! I'll bring lunch tomorrow," Honey said, happily.

"I'd like that," Hiiro replied, with a smile.

Thus beginning Hiiro and Honey's daily routine of eating lunch together in the courtyard. Their friendship began, with something as simple as cake.