Hana Hua is Li Hua's aunt.

Appearance Edit

Hana has long straight black hair and emerald green eyes. She is usually seen wearing a red oriental-style dress with bell sleeves and black dress shoes.

Personality Edit

Hana is a cheerful seamstress who believes strongly in the zodiac and other elements of Chinese mythology. She enjoys her seamstress work and enjoys the times when Haruhi visits. She occasionally makes comments about Amame's job as a fisherwoman, saying that fishing is not a suitable occupation for a woman, but usually hushes up during the summer months when Amame brings home sweetfish. She is a motherly woman, despite not having any children of her own, and spoils Hunny with sugar every chance she gets. She views Hunny and Mori as her sons and loves them very much. She is currently teaching them how to speak Mandarin.