Ch. 1: The second bump Edit

Tama Sani looked at her gold half heart she had on her neck. Her mother told her before she passed away, ' Find the boy that wears the missing part of your locket and he will be your true love...' Tama always pondered on who will have her missing piece as she walked the corridor of the upstairs hallway. ' Maybe a guy who is understanding and true.' She thought as she found a music room that seemed abandoned. Tama decided to open the door. Lots of rose petals flew on top of her yellow dress and became one with her red tie. "Welcome!" Overlapping voices said. When she looked, there were six men greeting her. "Um... Hi..." She said confused. "Ahh, a new guest!" A tall man wearing glasses said. "Yay! Mabye she'll eat cake with us, Usa-chan!" Said a blonde haired kid. Tama thought he was in his third year of elementary. " So, which one of us are you going to choose?" Said two salmon hair colored boys that were twins. The twins appeared at her side in a few seconds. "Huh!?" Tama asked, worried that she may choose a boyfriend. "Come on, choose!" Said one twin. " Hikaru, don't rush her." said the other one. "Well, Kaoru. I think she wants to choose us!" Said the first twin, Hikaru. Kaoru and Kikaru went back to the love seat, snickering. The door opened again to reveal a tall blonde man. " I'm sorry I'm late, Gentlemen. Opps!" Said the boy, bumping into Tama. "Tamaki?" She asked, confused with his presnse . "Ahh, Tama! It's nice to see you again!" Tamaki said when violet eyes touched indigo. "It's nice to see you out of class, Tamaki." She said, smiling. "Are you gonna choose someone? Or are we sitting here for nothing?" Asked the twins. Tama brushed her pale blonde bangs away from her face and blushed. "I choose.... Tamaki." She whispered , but it was loud enough for all to hear.