Junko Mei

Junko Mei

Junko Mei is an original character created by ShanDuh and she is currently a student at Ouran Academy. Junko is at Ouran on account of her scholarship that she had obtained one year previous to Haruhi's enrollment.


  • Height- 5'3 ft
  • Weight- 141 lb
  • Skin Tone- Fair
  • Eye Color- Fallow *It’s an actual color...*
  • Hair Color- Beaver *Look up the color...*
  • Hair Style- Straight but very short. Bangs fall right above her eyes, while they lead down the sides of her face to frame it.
  • Figure/Body- Slight hourglass, but still slim. Wide hips, making it look like she has a small waist. Her torso looks longer than it should, but it’s an illusion.
  • Bust/Breasts- 32C. Average for her age.


Since she is a commoner, she can’t exactly afford the school uniform, so she wears a uniform that resembles a boy’s uniform.

She wears a blue blazer with the Ouran crest on the breast, but it had no sleeves. So it was more of a button up vest. Under her ‘vest’ she wears a white blouse with the standard black tie which had a purple stripe down the center of it. Instead of pants, she wore a mid-thigh black skirt and purple leggings that ended right below her knee. On her feet, she wore regular black flats.

Outside of school, she’ll wear anything. Usually its jeans with a tank top and sweat-shirt, or plaid shirts and skirts. Whichever, really.

For formal attire she’ll either wear a colorful dress, dress pants and a nice shirt, or a skirt and pretty shirt. It depends on how formal the event is.

Since she and her mother love to design clothes together, Junko will often wear her own creations.


Junko is usually an optimistic person, until she gets in a bad mood or when she is faced with a very difficult challenge. Her greatest fear is that she will not succeed in her future endeavors. Career, Family, Friends, Life, etc. When it comes to religion, Junko is an agnostic. She doesn’t exactly know if there is a god, and she doesn’t really care.

Junko believes that the most evil thing a human being could do is abandon someone. Like a friend leaving you, or something of that nature. She has had a bad history with friends who have left her and has seen it happen to others. Junko is an honest person. Sometimes brutally honest. She just only tells people her honest opinion when she feels she needs to.

The most important person in Junko’s life is her mother. She respects her so much, that she would die for her if needed. If her mother needed a kidney, then Junko would be the one to give her one. Her mother has gone through a lot in her life, and Junko respects her for that.

Junko is a person who usually likes to take control of the situation to make sure that something good happens as an outcome. She also likes to act like a mother, when possible.

Junko loves to take pictures and put them up on her large bulletin board in her room. She also has a keen eye for fashion, because of her mother’s teachings. And Junko loves to design things. A room, house, outfit, anything. She’s just an artistic person. She even designed her own room -which in reality is the basement of her house- into a miniature apartment.

Family Life/Personal LifeEdit

Junko’s father is a detective who works with the government. While his job isn’t as important as the CEO of a company or a lawyer, he’s still very good at his job. Junko likes to say that he could find anyone in the world if need be. He hasn’t not found a person to date, so she’s technically right. Her father loves her very much and loves to collect souvenirs for Junko whenever he’s out and about around the world. He’ll usually bring home stuffed animals that have the name of the country or city that he was at. Junko has a special trunk for all of the momentos that is hidden underneath her bed. Stereotypical, yes? Indeed.

Junko’s mother is a stay at home mother who loves to design clothes with and for her daughter. Sometimes they make them together, but sometimes she will create something and surprise Junko with it. They’re usually scarves and dresses though. Junko’s mother promised to design her wedding dress, when the time came around that Junko gets married.


Haruhi Fujioka- Best Friend/Sister. They usually tell each other everything. Their personalities differ in some points, but some are the same. Opposites attract, neh?

Tamaki Suoh- Classmate/Annoying Friend/Father. You know that friend that annoys you to death, but that’s the reason why you love them? Yup. That explains this friendship. He treats her as if she is a ‘daughter.’ I mean, seriously? It’s silly..

Kyouya Ootori- Classmate/Close Friend/Rival. Friends because of their similarities and intelligence. Plus, they also both hate but love Tamaki. They are rivals because he wishes to be top of the class, when it is she who is top of the class. He usually says that he purposely lets her be the top of the class so that she could stay at Ouran, but she knows better.

Hikaru Hitachiin- Friend/Enemy. To be honest, they dislike each other. She dislikes him because he dislikes her. He dislikes her because she dislikes him. They have no idea why they dislike each other, but they don’t care. They just love hating each other.

Kaoru Hitachiin- Friend. They both respect each other. He pities the way that his brother treats her, so he befriends her and they get along. It’s simple, really.

Mitsukuni ‘Hunny’ Haninozuka- Little Brother/Friend/Cheer Up. He’s like the little brother she never had, even though he is older than her. He can sense when she’s down, and cheers her up. Whenever she needs cheering up, she goes to him first so that they can have some fun and play. He also likes to teach her karate.

Takashi ‘Mori’ Morinozuka- Friend/Older Brother. He is the one she goes to when she just wants to vent, because she knows that he will not talk back, and will also sometimes give wise advice. He also cares for her like he cares for Hunny.

Renge Hoshakuji- Acquaintance...No comment.


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