Kimiko in Ouran's uniform

Kimiko Nakamura (貴美子中村) is a fanfictional character created by SodaCat (Or Rose) her story will most likely be posted in the near future.

About KimikoEdit

Kimiko is 5'4" (5 feet, four inches), weighs 105 pounds, and has wavy medium-length light brown hair & gray eyes. She is from a family of four, and was born in Kyōto, Japan.

Her figure is slim but average, and she's a bit clumsy. Her family moved to Bunkyō due to her father's job being transferred.

She is a bit quiet, and doesn't prefer to begin a conversation--she'd rather the other person do it instead. During Host Club hours, however, she seems to become more sociable--and flirty.

At home, to Kimiko's irritation, her father seems to favour spoiling her younger sister Akiko. Therefore, Kimiko is a little bit demanding to others.


Kimiko has light skin, a slim and slender body, gray eyes, and wavy light brown hair that is medium length. She is half Japanese and half Spanish. She mostly takes after her mother, whom also has light brown hair & gray eyes.



Daichi Nakamura (Father) - Daichi seems to favor Kimiko's younger, four year old sister Akiko to Kimiko. He often makes Kimiko tend to Akiko when he is busy. Due to this, Kimiko has a mildly strained relationship with her father.

Carmela Nakamura (Mother, Formerly Gonzales) - Kimiko gets along very well with her mother. Unfortunately, Carmela is often busy working from home on the computer, inside of her office. Kimiko often cannot have decently long conversations with her.

Akiko Nakamura (Sister, 4) - Kimiko loves Akiko, despite the fact that Akiko acknowledges Kimiko as more of a servant rather than elder sister. She can be a bit of a drama queen, but occasionally sees Kimiko as a friend figure.


Host Club MembersEdit

Tamaki Suoh - Coming Soon

Haruhi Fujioka - Coming Soon

Kyoya Ootori - Coming Soon

Hikaru Hitachiin - Coming Soon

Kaoru Hitachiin - Coming Soon

Mitsukuni Haninozuka/Honey - Coming Soon

Takashi Morinozuka/Mori - Coming Soon

--More will be avaliable soon.--


Kimiko's Outfits Throughout the Year.

  • School Uniform
  • First Date
  • Winter Casual
  • Host Club's Ball Gown


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