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Age 16
Birthday April 9th
Star Sign Aries
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Nationality English
Personal Status
Favourite Subject(s) Reading
Favourite Food(s) fancy food
School Unknown
Relatives Unknown Family

Levi Chiyoru (Supposed to be her Fiancé)

It is impossible to live without hurting others

—To Tamaki Suoh

Lacy was Levi's fiancé but he found the girl Lacie that he was searching for and broke it off. It made her mad and she went after Lacie. She then realized why the Chiyoru chose her, because of her name but they made her wear red contacts to match Laice's. 


Lacy has messy mid-length blonde hair that falls over her shoulders, with two strands parting at her forehead to frame her face. She has a slightly deranged appearance because of the wildness in her eyes, which are emerald but she wears contacts to match a girl Levi is obsesses which are red. She usually wears her hair down, when she shows up in a full gown with her hair pinned up for the occasion with two strands  at her forehead to frame her face. 


Lacy is usually seen as peppy and bubbly on the outside, although at times she can be very twisted. Before meeting Lacie the person Levi worships, Lacy was far more innocent, and had better control over her emotions. She was uncharacteristically shy whenever she was around Levi, and was presumably attracted to him, although he didn't have the same feelings for her. Before meeting Lacie, she was quieter and seemingly more level-headed, although she had a quick temper and was wary of strangers, as seen when she first discovers Levi sneaking into the mansion (which was his familys mansion but she didn't know since he was wearing a cloak on). 

Lacy's personality has warped and she is now more malicious and cunning than before. She can at times seem vivacious and fun-loving, and seems to enjoy teasing her enemies by flirting with them. She is extremely dangerous and has very little self-control, meaning she is susceptible to manic fits and has a sadistic streak to her personality. She cares little about her safety, because her regeneration capabilities make her almost invincible. She is bitter and unwilling to let go of the past. 

She has a fondness for cute things, as seen when Lacie bribed her with a limited edition stuffed toy, and despite her warrior-like approach to her role, she retains some of her femininity.


  • "I won't let anyone take away what is mine!"
  • "He belongs to me!"
  • "No matter what happens, I will be beside you..."
  • "Shut up red eyed freak!"
  • "It is impossible to live without hurting others."
  • "I understand now... why you have an obsession... with her...."