Lan Hua
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 2nd of May
Current age 35
Gender Male
Family Hua family
Status Very wealthy
Eye Color Emerald green
Hair Color Long, straight, black
Height 7' 1"
Alias Flirtatious idiot
Affiliation Bisexual
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Home Apartment
Appearances None

Appearance Edit

Lan has long, straight, black hair like most of the Hua family and his eyes are emerald green. He commonly wears a black leather jacket, a purple shirt, jeans, and combat boots.

Personality Edit

Lan is very flirtatious and sometimes a bit clueless. Li and Amame call him the "flirtatious idiot", and that has become his nickname to several of their brothers. As Li says, "He will sleep with anything that moves." He has had approximately 139 girlfriends and 52 boyfriends.