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Age 16
Birthday January 29th
Star Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Nationality English
Personal Status
Favourite Subject(s) Music (Lacie's singing)
Favourite Food(s) Anything Lacie likes
Club None
School Lutwidge Academy
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Brother

Unnamed Brother

I only need.. to have you by my side

—To Laice

Levi Chiyoru  was brought into the Chiyoru family, in order to become the successor to the family, but he didn't inherit the title. He dicotid his life in order to find Lacie again. 


Levi has a long caramel brown braid running down to his thighs. He has long black eyelashes and violet eyes. He wears black pants and a different shades of red. Hes seen always holding a sterling or white rose, Lacies favorite roses.  

He has a pair of deep magenta/blue/purple earrings (the variations of watercolors makes the true color appear differently each time) that Lacie gave to him, the right one having been kept and later worn by her after their reunion, while the left was worn by Jack for the four years since their meeting.


Sterlingrose (2)

Levi's rose color is the sterling rose

Levi is always happy and overly optimistic. He can be serious on occasion, but is usually highly active and cheerful. He appears to be kind but is actually highly  manipulative. Something else of note about Levi in particular is that he can give a sharp gaze that appears as if he is looking right through someone and at their true selves

He harbors a grudge against his family because of his difficult years growing up, but hides this when he is with other people. Lacie is the only person whom he's ever confessed it to. He worships Lacie, and places her above everything else, including his life.

He made a pocket watch for Lacie. It plays a melody that she hummed when she found him. 


  • Levi had a stuffed rabbit named after him.