Jack's Pocket Watch
This pocket watch is an item of Levi own invention, using both his skill for music box craftmanship and clock making. Jack made it so that a melody that Celia  had composed, named Lacie, would play whenever the watch opened. While Celia composed the song, her twin sister, Lacie , had added lyrics to the tune, making the melody embody herself.


Jack had crafted the pocketwatch as a reminder of his beloved Lacie , who was taken away from him when he was eleven. Whenever the watch is opened, it plays the sad tune with a light undertone that Lacie always used to sing.



  • Levi made this watch for Lacie but Ace aka Lacy thought he made it for her since the melody is also named "Lacie".
  • Levi made two pocket watches, one gold and one silver. The gold one went to Lacie while Levi kept the silver one.