Jack worships her; he is obsessed and would in desperation do anything for her. He believes her to be untamable, which is why he is so fond of her, and has searched for her for eight years. When they meet years later, she at first does not recognize him, until she finds the matching earring that coupled the one he wore. She then whisks him away from an interrogation of sorts by Oswald and Glen, to a place beside the lake, reveals that she remembered everything. Lacie and Levi have s playful, sweet love that's too perfect to ruin in Levis eyes but Laice only sees him as a friend even though he has eyes only for her. But it is still unknown if she has feelings fo him. Levi never truely wanted a sexual relationship with her.

Lacy "Ace"Edit

Lacy is Levi's fiancé but broke it off due to finding Lacie again. Levi was unaware of her obsession of him. She was jealous of every girl he was near even Lacie. Who Ace threatened to kill and stabed her for being to 'close' to Levi. Which ended badly for Ace.


Celia disturbed him, and he was easily exhausted when with her. Celia even attacked him at one point during their first meeting, when her doll 'Jay' broke in his hands. He puts up with Celia for Lacie. Lacie loves her sister so Levi started seeing Celia as a sister.