The Lutwidge Host Club (aka the Lutwidge High School Host Club) is an independently functioning high
school club that was founded by Break Baskerville. The club is located outside the Lutwidge Academy in France in a 19th-century styled greenhouse. 


  • Break Baskerville - "The Heart"
  • Aleister Reinsworth - The "Spade"
  • Castiel Vessalius - The "Diamond"
  • Zack Nightray- The "Clover"
  • Sharon Baskerville -  Lutwidge Host Club Manager also known as the "Heartbreaker"

Break BaskervilleEdit

Break is consitered the "Heart" of the club, always bringing happyness to any sad moment. Hes the kindest person in the group. Break is the second most popular member of the host club. He founded the organization and holds the title of Heart.

Aleister ReinsworthEdit

Aleister is known as the "Spade." and also known as the "Charmer" making every girl feel lovely no matter what she looks like. Aleister is the popularist person in the club. His hair and eyes make it hard to resist him. He has a huge heart which is why he isn't the heart of thr club he didn't bring everyone together.

Castiel  VessaliusEdit

Castiel is known as the "Diamond" and the "Rebel" even though he thinks its cheesy. Hes the bad boy out of the group. He gets in trouble almost all of the time. He always tells people he wants ther "Dirty love" but only pretends to want everyone to like him in truth he could care less.

Zack NightrayEdit

Zack is known at the "Clover" bringing good luck to the club, he in also known as the "Sarcastic" one. Zack handles the club's finances, arranging side fundraisers such as selling the guests photos of the other members which he took with their knowledge. Officially he is the vice-president. 

Sharon BaskervilleEdit

Sharon is the Lutwidge Host Club Manager also known as the "Heartbreaker." She loves to break hearts especially he "Heart" of the clubs heart.