New Master Uchiha design

Uchiha is also my main KND OC. "Eric Cartman forever" is my Famfiction username and "Deidara-Senpai44" is my Deviantart username. This pic is also submitted on my account there.

er Uchiha is a KND OC as well as an OHSHC OC. He has been modified some. This picture is the same one that's on the KND page. In this one, he's seventeen.


Uchiha's parents died in a car wreck when he was nine, as he was an average kid, and he was adopted by Ai and Kenji Aoki, a rich couple.

He was given a life that was different from he was used to. Given lots of love and care, he's happy with the Aoki family. He went to the local schools for years, and they decided on sending him to Ouran Academy. They think it's better that he attends there.


He has long black hair in a ponytail, held by a red scrunchie. He has forest-green eyes and is tall for his age. When not wearing his uniform, he is usually wearing a t-shirt with his black jacket overtop. He never buttons up his jacket unless it's cold out.


He's nice, friendly, understanding, and short-tempered. He often gets angry if teased about his feminine appearance. Despite his hair, you can see that he is a boy if you look at his eyes. If it is an honest mistake, he understands. He can be hostile if he gets really angry, but he hardly ever resorts to violence.