Megumi Katsumata

Megumi Katsumata in Ouran's Uniform

Megumi Katsumata (めぐみ勝又) is a fanfictional character created by SodaCat (Or Rose). Her story is associated with Kimiko Nakamura's; Crush, for now.

About MegumiEdit

Kimiko is 5' 2" (5 feet, 2 inches), weighs 102 pounds, and has straight, medium-length jet black hair. Her eyes are violet, and she comes from a family of 3. She was born in Bunkyō, Japan, and goes to school at Ouran Academy.

Megumi is a very thin, small girl. She is bubbly and happy, often squeaking in her speech. She has a very high, cheerful voice, and is nearly always smiling.

Megumi is out-going and loud, always excited to meet new people and make new friends. She finds the Host Club to be "adorable and a wonderful idea", and often visits and buys merchandise.

At home, Megumi's parents seem to enjoy having her be so peppy. Her mother and father both love her very much, and she seems to have a good relationship with them.


Megumi is light-skinned with very dark, black hair, and violet coloured eyes. Her hair is very straight. She is completely Japanese, and looks like both her mother and father equally.



Ichiro Katsumata (Father): Megumi's father is seemingly the complete opposite of Megumi; he is calm, kind, and rather silent. He has a good relationship with Megumi, always accepting her silly ideas and excited personality.

Yukiko Katsumata (Mother, Formerly Honami): Yukiko is like Ichiro, also calm and polite. She is a bit of a business woman, and is very elegant. She thinks of Megumi as her blessing, and loves her daughter very much.


Host Club MembersEdit

Tamaki Suoh - Coming Soon

Haruhi Fujioka - Coming Soon

Kyoya Ootori - Coming Soon

Hikaru Hitachiin - Coming Soon

Kaoru Hitachiin - Coming Soon

Mitsukuni Haninozuka/Honey - Coming Soon

Takashi Morinozuka/Mori - Coming Soon

Other ClassmatesEdit

Kimiko Nakamura: Megumi instantly thought of Kimiko as her new best friend. The two get along, despite being very different. Kimiko is often dragged along with Megumi to wherever it is Megumi wants to go. More will come soon.


Megumi's Outfits Throughout the Year.

  • Uniform
  • Autumn and Spring Wear [Casual]
  • Host Club's Ball Gown
  • Winter Casual Wear
  • Outer Winter Wear
  • Beach Wear
  • Night Wear


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