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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is Following my heart
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  • Hi!

    You are the other bureaucrat and you are also not active here anymore. I was wondering if you'd like to give me admin/bureaucrat rights. If not, I will go to the Community Central  to ask for those rights. 

    Thanks ~ 

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    • Hi, Queennicolee.

      Sorry for the short delay. You are right. I am temporarily inactive on this wiki, because I currently am too busy for fanfictions. I would give you the rights you requested, but you have only been active on this wiki for 23 hours. That isn't really long enough time, for me to decide whether you are suitable for Admin Rights. Wiki central will say the same.

      Thank you, Scarly.

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    • It's okay, I don't want the rights anymore. (sorry for being so indecive). I realized I just wanted to fix the theme and stuff and after that, nothing more. As a suggestion, you could use the logo I uploaded on the main page as the wiki's offcial logo. 

      And, would you like this wiki to be an affiliate of the OHSHC Wiki? 

      Thanks :)

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    • I have changed it. Thank you for making it. That is so nice. The main page looks wonderful. To stop any vandalism on it, just in case, I have protected it. But if you ever need to make changes to the lay out, let me know and I'll unprotect it for you.

      That would be nice. Sure, we could affiliate. Honestly, before I discovered this wiki, I did try to adopt the OHSHC wiki, but wiki central refused me. That's how I knew, that they would reject anyone that has only editted for a short time.

      I hope you come by this wiki again. We really do need more contributers.

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    • Thank you and  I will surely let you know. And I'm sure I'll come on this wiki again to help out or create my own OC's :D

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  • While I'm reading through your stories, if I find spelling mistakes, do I have permission to correct them? I just want to ask first before I make ANY changes since you may spell certain things differently in the UK.

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    • I ran all my stories through 2 spell checkers, and wrote half of them in Microsoft Word. I'm quite possitive that there are no spelling mistakes.

      I'm waiting a while, before I read them again. If there are any spelling mistakes or other errors, I'll correct them myself when I see them.

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    • Okay. :) That's why I thought I'd ask first!

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    • It's always best to ask. :D Some people are fine with other people proof reading and stuff. I'm just my own worst critic. I tend to nitpick away at my own stories. It gets too complicated, if others are editing them while I'm still in that nitpick phase.

      Welcome to the wiki! If you need any help getting started, like page layouts and stuff, let me know.

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  • Hey Scarly, could you delete this for me? Wikia's being a twerp and isn't updating it for me :I Thank you~~!

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