Age 18
Birthday February 4th
Star Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Nationality English/French
Personal Status
Favourite Subject(s) Music
Favourite Food(s) Sushi
School Lutwidge Academy (Former)

Ouran Academy (Now)

Occupation Third-year High school Student
Relatives Unnamed Father †

Unnamed Mother †

"Some things are better forgotten."

—To Levi about Lacie


Oswald has blonde messy (wavy) hair and megenta eys. He usally wears black sunglasses to hide his eyes. He wears a long black coat, with studes on the shoulder area along with a black chocker. He has a scar or a tatoo thats purrpleish color that acases from the middle on his left cheek. 


Oswald is generally a calm, elegant, stoic and authoritative individual. However, he becomes a completely different person with Lacie; to her, Oswald is very gentle and warm.

At first he seems cold and seems unapproachable noted by Celia. 


  • Oswald has often been associated with yellow roses which means extreme betrayal.