Tama Sani Is a 15 year old girl in her 2rd year of high school in Ouran Acadamy. Though a year young to be in her second year, she had went to school early since her father wanted her to go to school when 4. She had met Tamaki in her third year of middle school. They were passing by near the lockers when Tama bumped into him. "Opps! I applogize. I didn't see you there." She squeaked, removing a bang from her face. Tamaki looked at her with a small smile on his face. "Not to worry, Princess. It was an accident, that's all." Tama blushed. She brushed her pale blonde bangs away once again. " Your Tamaki Suoh, right?" She asked as both there violet eyes looked at each other. " Yes. What is your name, Princess?" He asked as he kissed her soft pale hand. "I'm Tama. Tama Sani." She said , removing her hand away from his lips. " Well, Tama. I hope to see you again." Said Tamaki as while he was smiling as they both bid each other adieu. The bell rung as it was time to go to class. THE END! (Of her story, but she will come back.....)