The Heart Of A Maiden

by Scarly

"The love of a maiden, is a true blessing... Something to be cherished, like the delicate cherry blossom..." Benio said, thoughtfully, holding the stem of the cherry blossom between her index finger and her thumb. "As is a maiden's first kiss."

Hiiro looked up from her notebook, wondering what Benio was talking about. She was engrossed by the story she was reading, she had brought it, hoping that it would be something that Kyoya might like, but the more she read, the more she seriously doubted that he would. One thing she was starting to regret, is inviting Benio, Chizuru and Hinako over for tea. Mr Dorimu had encouraged her to spend more time with the Zuka Club, because it would help further her future career, even though she had no intension of attending St. Lobelia Academy.

Some of Benio's advice was useful, but Hiiro knew that it wouldn't work. If she tried to tell Kyoya how she felt. Instead, she decided to write Kyoya a letter.

Dear Kyoya,

From the moment I first ment you, I knew that you were different from other boys, you seemed to understand me. You saw through my mask, and saw the person with in. I think, I've fallen in love with you, and think about you more with each passing day. I just wish I had the courage to tell you face to face, instead of writing a letter like this.


She kept the letter in her notebook, hoping to send it, but she didn't know if she'd actually have the courage to do so.

"I know what could be fun!" Hinako said, excitedly. "Let's dress up Hiiro!"

"Oo! I love that idea!" Chizuru agreed.

"No way!" Hiiro yelled, but it didn't make any difference.

Hinako and Chizuru each grabbed one of her arms, and dragged her upstairs to her room. The three girls began choosing various outfits to try on her. At the moment, she was like their living doll. While they searched for teh cutest clothes, Hiiro walked over to her desk, she sat down, then wrote out her letter again, on proper writing paper, and put it into an envelope. Tomorrow, she intended to give Kyoya the letter, unless she lost the nerve and ended up keeping it.

"Hiiro! We have the perfect outfit for you!" Chizuru called.

Hiiro turned around to see the pinkest, frilliest dress in her entire wardrobe. She looked at it with disaproval, there must be someone having a good old laugh at her expense, to torture her like this.