The Natural & The Day Dreamer

By Scarly

'Why bother, it won't make a difference...' Hiiro thought, as she stared at a blank page in her notebook.

Hiiro had written many short stories in her notebook, yet with no one to read them, she didn't know if they was any good or not. She threw the notebook on her desk.

"Piece of crap," she muttered.

"What are you always writing in there?" Haruhi asked. She leaned over her chair, to get a closer look at the notebook. "Mind if I..."

"No, go right ahead," Hiiro replied.

Normally, she would have minded, but she needed someone's opinion on if they was any good, or if she was wasting her time. Hiiro picked up the black notebook, opened it, then began reading a random page. Coincidentally, the story was inspired from something Haruhi did in the club room last week. Hiiro had written it down, and made her own character do something similar.

"It's about me!" Haruhi said, in a slight cheerful way. Haruhi recognised that the boy in the story had hit one of his friends, because the friend was trying to make him cross dress. Of course, Hiiro believed Haruhi to be a boy, so naturally, the main character is a boy. "This was when Tamaki-sempai tried to make me wear that dress," Haruhi added.

"Yeah, I hope you don't mind," Hiiro replied, feeling a little guilty about writing it down.

"Of course I don't mind, this is great," Haruhi said. She read a little more of the story. "I like how you made Shizen punch Jiga. I would have punched him, but that'd probably make him sulk in the corner and be more annoying."

"I have to add that to the end, because I couldn't think of a way to end the story," Hiiro said, with a smile. "Thanks."

"No problem," Haruhi replied, returning the smile. "If you need any more advice for how Shizen should react to things, I'll gladly help."

Haruhi left Hiiro to write some more, Hiiro was happy, because she finally had a ending to her story. She started to write the perfect end to her story.

"Don't be such a perv, sempai!" Shizen yelled at Jiga.

"Perv?" Jiga replied, sounding like he was heart broken.

Jiga sulked in the corner, but no one paid any attention. They never did, because, he only did it for attention, anyway.