• Elaviela

    Im new

    August 30, 2012 by Elaviela

    Okay so I just made a account on this website, so I'm all new.

    So i don't know whwere I am supposed to post my 'stories', so I'm gonna post here..?

    Its not THAT great but I tried.

    Fright Night
    Chapter 1

    Haruhi and Hikaru and Kaoru were in class, not much was going on, Until Renge-chan popped up, Usually there class would have a tea party and such for Halloween, but this time, it was going to be different. Renge-chan had declared a Test-of-Courage Tournament. Mostly all of the class agreed with her, well except Kazukiyo-kun, he seemed rather frightened. Kazukiyo-kun looked at Haruhi very scared, expecting her to object. Everyone looked at Haruhi, because she was most likely to say no. "Well, I suppose it could be fun." She said ch…

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