Okay so I just made a account on this website, so I'm all new.

So i don't know whwere I am supposed to post my 'stories', so I'm gonna post here..?

Its not THAT great but I tried.

                Fright Night
             Chapter 1

Haruhi and Hikaru and Kaoru were in class, not much was going on, Until Renge-chan popped up, Usually there class would have a tea party and such for Halloween, but this time, it was going to be different. Renge-chan had declared a Test-of-Courage Tournament. Mostly all of the class agreed with her, well except Kazukiyo-kun, he seemed rather frightened. Kazukiyo-kun looked at Haruhi very scared, expecting her to object. Everyone looked at Haruhi, because she was most likely to say no. "Well, I suppose it could be fun." She said cheerfully. Kazukiyo-kun looked even worse now. "Well I guess we will have the T-T-Test of Courage Tourmament." Kazukiyo-kun said quietly to himself, but loud enough for everyone else to hear. The class cheered and screamed with joy.

Kazukiyo-kun was signaling Haruhi to come outside. She got up and walked out the door, and there was Kazukiyo-kun waiting. "Haruhi, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" He said furiously. Haruhi jumped up " Calm down Calm down! What did I do wrong?!" She said glaring at him. " You didn't object! WHYY!" He said with tears coming down from his eyes. "I can't do it! They will call me names if I back down! ILL FREAK OUT!!!" He said screaming in Haruhi's face. Before Haruhi could speak The twins popped up, "So your a scaredycat hmm?" They said with grins on their face. "Hikaru! Kaoru! SSSHH!" Haruhi said with grief.

After they talked Haruhi decided to not tell Tamaki, for he would probably try t join in, and who would want that? Haruhi was walking home, she opened her door and yelled "I'm home!!". But there was no answer, she walked into the living room and saw her dad asleep on the couch, with his face half shaved, and there was some kind of stench coming from him. Haruhi shook her head and walked away to her room, and layed down on her bed, she was pretty tired, there was just so much going on in her life, she didn't know what to do. Her eyes slowly closed as she fell asleep, worrying about the Test-of-Courage Tournament.

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