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    so, i have a feeling this isn't how you post fan fics, but i'm not very good with using the page and adding stuff that leads it to the fan fiction catergory =P so if i'm doing it wrong, bear with me or give me instructions...

    anyway, this is my ouran fan fic... nothing much to say, except i wanted to write it in the same light hearted tone that the anime is in, and it's not going to be so much a full fledged story, as much as a bunch of little "Episodes."

    please read and comment and enjoy! =3=

    Rin stared balefully down the ornamented hallway of Ouran academy and let out an exasperated sigh. This was to be expected of the stuffy rich people… everything was overly clean and bright, and expensive.

    It had only been recently that Rin’s family had c…

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