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  • Scarly


    March 21, 2012 by Scarly

    I'm sorry to everyone, that I'm taking forever to update Avalanche. I'm having a tiny bit of writer's block with it. And, there's college, I have a novella to write, that counts for like a third of my final grades, and then there's a bijillion other things I've got to write. I've got like five different fanfic ideas in my head, and none of them are Ouran, sadly.

    Anyway, enough excuses from me, I promise that soon, I will have another chapter of Avalanche up.

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  • Scarly

    Hiiro's Stories Complete!

    February 17, 2012 by Scarly

    Not everyone will know, but I have finally added all the stories that I wrote about Hiiro last year. Here they all are, in order (They can also be found on Hiiro's page and my userpage.):

    Dreams & Rose Petals

    Strange Dreams

    The Natural & The Day Dreamer

    As Simple As A Piece Of Cake

    Writing Peacefully

    The Heart Of A Maiden

    A Date With Kyoya & The Host Club

    Last Hiiro

    There won't be any more stories about Hiiro. :( But, don't worry Hiiro's not gone forever. She'll still get a mention from time to time in my other stories. She just won't be a main character.

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  • Scarly

    New Story & Some New OCs! :D

    February 6, 2012 by Scarly

    Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I've written anything for the wiki, and now I want to start writing again! :D!!

    I've come up with three new girls, just for the story.

    Chiyura Nakayama, Sayuri Maruyama, Ryoko Ueda.

    I'm working on a story to do with their adventures, and how they encounter the host club. :D

    Here's the summary for the story:

    Three girls; Chiya, Sayuri and Ryoko, go on vaction in the mountains, where they meet the boys and girl from a certain host club. There is an avalanche, and they are trapped in the cabin. Will they get along, or drive each other crazy?

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  • Scarly


    July 21, 2011 by Scarly

    Sorry for not being on here for so long....

    I've kinda lost motivation to write stories with OCs lately, but I have been working on some Ouran stories, of canon characters. Like this one:

    A Summer In Karuizawa


    During a thunderstorm one night, Tamaki comforts Haruhi, and spends one innocent night alone with her. Kaoru sees Tamaki leave, and takes a picture of it on his phone. Both of the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, decide to mess with them. Some how, Kyoya seems to know, and with out knowing it, gets caught up in the the twin's game. What are Tamaki and Haruhi prepared to do, to stop everyone finding out?

    Which I might be adding here to, because it totally should be on a Ouran fanfiction wiki.

    Also, I'm going to get to work on those canon char…

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  • Scarly

    So, I've been totally in the zone with my story, that I've finished it (will publish rest soon, promise), and I can't wait until Halloween and Christmas to write the next part of my story, so I'm writing them soon, and plan to post them! :D

    This is good, yes?

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