This wiki is kinda empty, content wise, and it gave me a few ideas. Mostly to improve the wiki, and maybe get some more people coming here. I can totally handle all of my ideas, if nobody minds, but if you would like to help me, then awesome.

  1. Add categories to all pages.
  2. Add small summaries about the hosts, so if people are writing about a certain host, they could check there. Also, users could add opinions on them, talk about them in the comments etc. They won't be in as much detail as the main OHSHC wiki.
  3. All of us add pages about our characters, so people can find info on them.
  4. Have our own category for fanfictions. Like, for when we all start to write more stories, and stuff, we add it to the category, so if someone likes a certain user's work, they can search for that category, and there's all that user's stories and stuff. (For example, my category would be Scarly's Fanfiction.)

So, what do you think?

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