Hey guys, Rose here~!

So, I've been here for 5 or so days. Already got my OC's page up, her name is Kimiko, and I'm going to start up her fanfiction tomorrow!

So yeah. Erm, here's a small teaser-like picture I made, courtesy of theOuran Dress Up Game.

So there you see Kimiko, one of the twins (I won't tell you which, those of you who cannot tell them apart) and Megumi.

Who is Megumi?

You'll have to wait and see ;)

Alright, so, goodnight!

Rose Talk 06:55, February 12, 2012 (UTC)


The first chapter of it was posted. Also, I made a new teaser picture for it.

Credits for it:

Kimiko, Megumi, and Hikaru made with Ouran Dress Up Game

Cherry Blossom Image


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