Writing Peacefully

by Scarly

Sitting peacefully under the cherry blossom tree, Hiiro was busy writing a story about a couple that she had seen this morning, on her way to school. They reminded her of the last time her parents was together, they seemed so in love. She paused for a moment, before beginning to write her story.

Hiiro had been in quite a sentimental mood of later, her maid Yuki was convinced that she was in love with someone. This is probably true, because she had been thinking about Kyoya a lot lately, but it could just be a mild infatuation.

The serene peacefulness was broken by the sound of girls screaming with joy, as Tamaki was walking through the gardens. He was thinking about why Haruhi seemed to think he was a creep every time he asked her to dress as a girl. To him, it made perfect sense, she was a very pretty girl, so she should dress as such.

"Hey, Hiiro," Tamaki said, with a smile. He noticed her right away, because she was the only girl that wasn't looking at him.

Hiiro glanced up at him, her hair slipped off her shoulder, today she had decided to wear her hair down.

She smiled, and said, "Hi, Tamaki. It's always strange when I see you away from the club room."

Tamaki pondered that for a moment, wondering why she would think that. He looked at her for a few moments, there seemed to be something different about her. She was indeed happy, but happier than usual.

"You look different than usual," Tamaki said, honestly.

"I have no idea why," Hiiro replied, a look of confusion spreading across her face.

Tamaki touched his chin with his hand, as he tried to think about what would make her seem different. Hiiro was like this yesterday, when she was helping him and Kyoya plan the dance theme day in the host club. Hiiro did also glanced over in his direction, when he was talking to Kyoya in the hallway earlier.

"I think I know what's different about you," Tamaki said.

"What's that?" Hiiro replied, mildly interested in what he had to say.

"You've fallen for me!" Tamaki said, in his over dramatic way. He had of course, come to the wrong conclusion.

"Not a chance," Hiiro said, flatly.

As Tamaki looked like she had shattered him, Hiiro frowned at him. From that moment on to Hiiro, Tamaki is and always will be an idiot.